We hand-select interior and patio plants for spaces of all sizes.  The utmost attention is paid to incorporating plants that are grown consciously to be robust and beautiful botanical elements.  We source all of our plants and planters from a trusted group of professional nurseries and artisans.  Therefore, every plant at Ethel is carefully cultivated to be a healthy and long-lasting addition to your space.  To get more information on our residential services, contact us anytime.


Styling thoughtful and elegant botanical settings is a natural extension of the creative vision of Ethel.  Plants can inspire many different moods, while complementing and adding beauty to any environment.  We are available for hire for small events, or as a prop stylist for editorial and commercial photo shoots.  To talk about collaborating on a project, please visit our contact page.



Many plants are available for local delivery, and can be ordered in a variety of planters.  All of our plants are potted using high-quality composts, soils, and mulches, and a care card is included.  Visit our contact page to get started on your plant order.


A deep dedication to plant care, maintenance, and education is at the heart of everything at Ethel.  We offer weekly and biweekly plant care services, and we guarantee all plants that are provided and cared for by us.  Contact us to schedule an on-site consultation where we can discuss everything you need to keep your houseplants growing beautifully.